The Issue Of Education And Funding Over Public Education

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In today’s society, we realize the importance of education and how it will benefit all to have an adequate education that will give the best opportunities. However, individual states have jurisdictions over the curriculum and funding over the public education. This means that California students may have a higher academic standing than Utah. The 14th Amendment and other various versions have brought upon the issue of equal, free and adequate education Yet, it has been denied several times because it is not federal jurisdiction and they has no power in this issue. The main reason the Amendment is being denied because of the definition of what is a citizen. Is someone a citizen because they were born in the U.S.A. or moving to U.S.A. and…show more content…
The significant change made in society is the need for all to be educated to further himself in the labour force. In society of today we realized that the need of education is leading to the benefit of the country. Many Congressmen, organizations and President Obama have made remarks on the account of the education being a fundamental right. The humanitarian side of society have seen how children in third world countries cannot get adequate education. Once upon looking it has become clear that in U.S. itself does not practice the right. Having this knowledge made it clear that society needs education. The necessity of the right to education is the labour force is demanding for those to be educated by the post-secondary school system. Enable to enroll in post-secondary one must complete elementary and secondary education to have adequate knowledge to excel in the post secondary. Regarding the issue upon illegal immigrants who can be considered citizen under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program children who are enrolled in school and have certain qualifications can be considered as citizens. Lastly, it is evident in everyday life that those who have wealth in the communities will have greater opportunities compared to who live in poor communities. Most think it is unfair for those who do not have the financial stability to suffer in the terms of education. The American dream of being free is not being carried out because one cannot be
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