The Issue Of Education And Funding Over Public Education

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In today’s society, we realize the importance of education and how it will benefit all to have an adequate education that will give the best opportunities. However, individual states have jurisdictions over the curriculum and funding over the public education. This means that California students may have a higher academic standing than Utah. The 14th Amendment and other various versions have brought upon the issue of equal, free and adequate education Yet, it has been denied several times because it is not federal jurisdiction and they has no power in this issue. The main reason the Amendment is being denied because of the definition of what is a citizen. Is someone a citizen because they were born in the U.S.A. or moving to U.S.A. and doing a test qualify someone to be called an American? But, what those who moved into the States illegally? In the 1970’s, the illegal entering was a major issue. Many years later it was asked for what rights does illegal aliens have and if it included education. In 1975, Texas passed a law that allowed schools districts to deny any illegal aliens from attending school or they had to pay to attend. This clearly goes against the 14th Amendment which says that “ to any person within its jurdisticotions the equal protection of the laws.” However, does this include illegal aliens? In order for the Amendment to be considered a right and that equal, free, and adequate education is a fundamental right that all who reside in the United States of
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