The Issue Of Environment Friendly Development

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The heavy haze in the past few days has made the world fuzzy and unreal; pedestrians wrapped in clothes suddenly faded away around me in the “fantasy” created by the haze. Walking back home after school, I decided to stop at the apricot park and looking for the trees and flowers as I always did before. However, what I saw was white and grey image blurred behind the heavy haze, nothing else.

I cannot remember how long it has been. I closed my eyes, feeling so depressed and disappointed. All of a sudden, a bronze door appeared in front of me. The grey and white image started to fade away and the air became fresh. I took a deep breath and could not wait to push into the door.

"According to the goal of environment-friendly development,
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They both seemed to be reasonable in their ideas. The environment in developed countries are generally better than that in developing countries because of their solid economic and material foundation; the developing countries, usually weak in economy, sometimes neglect to protect the economy when the unilateral goal is economic development. Both blocs had their draft resolution ready; would this committed end up with nothing constructive?

My homeland China appeared in my imagination again. People in our country had suffered a lot from the environmental problems for years: high rate of respiratory diseases, depression from the haze, polluted foods… All of a sudden, I seemed to hear the cry from those helpless people, their eagerness of fresh air. I could even imagine the satellite image: land desertification, submerged islands, cities covered by grey haze…Every single one of them made me horrified. This planet was no longer beautiful.

I hastily walked to the podium and even forgot to take the speech that I had prepared. “The debates among countries are constructive. I find out that each bloc seems to have their draft resolution ready. However, has any of you ever considered that is the conflicts between two blocs really irreconcilable? What is our universal goal? I paused for a while and continued: “The environmental damage that caused by developed countries cannot be ignored, but nowadays developing countries are also responsible for environmental
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