The Issue Of Environmental Hazards

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Environmental hazards are the issue of great concern to most developing and developed nations all over the world. There are a number of factors, which have been established to be in the fore front to reduce degradation of the environment. This report was therefore done in the full cooperation between the researcher and the community members whom were the sole source of information for the report. Discussion Superfund sites are the federal government’s program aimed at making a cleanup of all the nation’s waste sites. These reasons are because of increased accumulation of hazardous wastes in the sites, where they are being dumped. Being the aim of the federal government to create a sustainable environment for not only the current…show more content…
However, the only problem to this is that it takes too long before the reality is discovered and this can be to a detriment of the health of population (Sigel, Sigel, and Sigel 31). It then calls on the government to take charge by ensuring the extent, to which the consumable things like drinking water are on check and the amount of contaminants are regulated properly. This can be effectively achieved if the policies under risk management are followed to the letter. To alleviate some of the risks mentioned within this paper certain remedial actions have been put in place at the Smelter Hill Facility to try to restore the land back to its useful nature. Some of the actions are removal of residual materials which have clogged the land making it unfit for any form of economic use. There is also a plan to remediate and validate areas which can be developed, hence making them regain some of their lost values. In the site, the government also planned and accomplished the construction of on-site containment cells which will be a safe way to handle the wastes in a very responsible way. Finally they have also called for site management plan to be organized and structured so that it can take effect as early as possible. They also initiated adequate protection and restoration of the soil ecosystem as one of the means to retain the soil uses in the sites. This strategy will help solve the
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