The Issue Of Freedom And Power

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Freedom and Power
The issue of freedom and the power that accompanies it, have occupied the history of human kind in the course of their existence. Mostly, this has emanated from the unequal distribution of these two key significant factors that revolve around the lives of humankind. Freedom and power have been subject of struggle. Various sections of human population endeavor to uphold their element of self-determination that is defined by these two important components. Scholars believe that that freedom and power cannot be separated if the intended meaning is aimed to be genuine and considerate. Many conflicts witnessed in the course of human history have been as a resultant of power and freedom with each section of the population trying to safeguard its own. The paper entails integration of concepts and the relation of freedom to power and change.
Theory one
Neoliberalism concept is based on the theory of political and economic processes. The theory explains that human beings can advance best by having liberated individual entrepreneurial freedoms and institutionalized framework with well-defined property rights, free trade, and free markets. The realization of neo liberation in America requires persistent deregulation, privatization of social provision, and withdrawal of the state from some operations of social services. The countries that are quick to adopt neoliberalism strategies, for example, South Africa and China have a guided sense of
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