The Issue Of Gay Marriage

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History teaches us that marriage has classically been between a man and a woman, but in the recent years, people have begun to challenge that notion. Gay marriage has been one of the most controversial topics of debate lately, dividing our nation into those who support the idea and those who oppose. It seems as though no matter who is asked, each person’s opinion falls to one side or the other. States have been similarly divided in their treatment of the gay marriage issue. Voters in some states have chosen to allow gay marriage, while other states have passed constitutional amendments to forbid it. Courts in some states have identified a Constitutional right to marry, and other states remain in a state of flux.
One example of a fluctuating state is California, which has been back and forth on giving its citizens the freedom to marry since 1999. Most recently, California has dealt with Proposition 8, which denied the right of same-sex couples to marry. In response to this, the case Hollingsworth v. Perry was brought to the Supreme Court to challenge the passing of Proposition 8, and ultimately brought back the freedom to marry. In my opinion, the Supreme Court made the correct decision because based on our Constitution, all individuals should be treated as equals, and this includes those who love the same-sex and want to get married, just like everyone else.
The timeline leading up to the Hollingsworth v. Perry case in the Supreme Court truly shows the fluctuation in the
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