The Issue Of Gay Marriage

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Marriage is one of the oldest, passed down traditions since the beginning of time. As humanity evolves through generations, traditions change, but the act of choosing your partner stays the same. For an example, not until President Barack Obama was in office, gay marriage was unacceptable. When President Obama announced that gay marriage was legal, that was a moment in history that will never be forgotten. The process of marriage continues to be the same, but each generation has been going out of their way to change the rules of how getting married is done. Young adults that are in their late 20’s have been eloping since the early 1900’s, however due to the change in society and how we operate and communicate, divorce has been becoming…show more content…
On the other hand, couples argue that getting married early is perfect since couples evolve and grow together. Just saying that statement out loud is wrong. Once the monogamous relationship sets in, divorce papers will be practically signed. Furthermore, like mentioned earlier, maturity is huge. Even though, the United States justice system marks a teenager an adult at the age of 18, that by no means makes teenagers able to make progressive and responsible decisions for their life or for the life of others. Marriage requires both individuals to be able to make non-impulsive decisions since both lives have been conjoined. “The first years of adulthood, when you become the driver, navigating adult life for the very first time, are the very first steps of adulthood and they make a significant contribution to where you will go and how you will do. (Tanner).” The decision of getting married early is a perfect example of impulsive behavior and immaturity. Most the time, these relationships have only been together for a few months or even just a few years; it is beyond irresponsible to say that both parties fully understand the other during a short period. In the opposing corner, teenagers stand by the fact that they are marked adults by the age of 18. These so called “adults” believe since they can fight for our country and vote for the next presidential leader, this justifies their actions and proves that they are accountable enough to make executive and

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