The Issue Of Gay Marriage

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Everyone has feelings, and love is the best feeling in the world. Love has an ability that it can make people angry, happy or upset, but why all these emotions come out? Only because of love, which is in everywhere all around the world. People love each other is totally a right thing, and also there is no mistake in love. There is another people that they are not general—people also call them gay or lesbian. That is no doubt that they are normal people just like us. Yet people do not have acceptance to them and people also call each other faggots, only because that our culture founded from oppression. Therefore, gay marriage, or homosexual marriage becomes a problem because of religion, law or oppression and so on to some regions like a part of The United States that is quite traditional. And how to legalize homosexual marriage and how to get to the acceptation of other people, that is the hardest possible which are we have to do for homosexual people. The essential of marriage’s connotation is should be changed with the times. Why heterosexuality can enjoy the benefit of marriage alone? In history, once upon a time, mixed race marriages were forbidden by law or polygamy and so on, but now the majority of countries are prohibiting these unfair matter. Now we go back to check those regimes, however, we can only feel that those regimes are oppressive, discriminatory and inequitable. Any system should upgrade with the times, including marriage. “"At a certain point I 've just
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