The Issue Of Gender Discrimination

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To look into the issue of gender discrimination in both Australia and China. 1.2 Parameters To investigate the problem of gender inequality involving workplace discrimination and domestic violence in Australia and China. This report will include words for about 2000 and will be divided into 4 sections. 1.3 Definitions Gender inequality can be defined as allowing people having different opportunities due to perceived differences based solely on issues of gender. In the meantime, the prejudicial treatment of an individual or group due to gender can be called as gender discrimination. (Parziale n.d.) 1.4 Thesis The people in both China and Australia and their government must pay attention to this serious social problem, and working together to improve it. 2. BACKGROUND TO THE ISSUE: Gender inequality and discrimination are generally discussed towards women (Parziale n.d.), and this report will mainly discuss it this way. But actually, in anyone’s daily life, they will have a chance to experience gender inequality or discrimination. 2.1 Global Context As the world comes into the twenty-second century, women with a full-time job still earn 77% of their male counterparts’ earning, even if they have the exactly same education background. Also, 4/5 victims of human trafficking chose women as the target. On the worldwide average, 30% of women who have been in a relationship report that they experienced some form of sexual violence before, which was done by
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