The Issue Of Gender Income Inequality

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Executive Summary
This report is going to examine the issue of gender income inequality in terms of age. Gender income inequality can be described as the unequal treatment between men and women in terms of revenue, and has been an issue for women for a long period of time. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the average gender pay gap between full-time men and women increases in accordance to age, when the gap begins to narrow due to reduced income in retirement. This report will explain the main issue of gender income inequality in terms of age, the outcomes, and the solutions for income inequality.
1. Issue Discussion
There are a large number of issues concerning income gender inequality in regards to age that are occurring in Australia within the past few years. Corresponding to the information by Australian Bureau of Statistics (Cited in Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2015,p.3), the gender pay gap difference between both genders in Australia is currently 18.8% and has been static between 15% and 19% for the past two decades.
There are several causes that could impacts on income gender inequality which includes:
1.1 Ability to work
One of the issues affecting the gender income inequality is the lacking ability of different workers in various ages to perform certain task. The ability to work could be crucial due to its relevance to younger employee may not have enough knowledge and experience as compared to the middle aged employees. For instance, youth…
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