The Issue Of Gender Inequality

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The issue of gender inequality is an issue that cuts across all demographics in all regions of the world. Gender inequality is one of the most recognizable limitations to female prosperity. Male dominance coincides with gender inequality to create a lack of female prosperity and a gender gap, and this is a prevalent issue for all women who seek employment within any organization. Gender inequality is a complex social and organizational issue that demands comprehensive evaluation, especially if it is to be challenged with a new approach. The ability to overcome challenges that are excusive to women in the workplace requires that women are respected, rewarded, and recognized. Likewise, anticipating problems to a new approach is a proper way to overcome such challenges. The most important step to overcoming gender inequality lies in the ability to not only recognize underlying factors that contribute to this issue, but to also implement new strategies designed to provide women with an avenue to prosperity. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg is a comprehensive book that provides extensive research on gender differences within organization, and feasible options for women to bridge the gender gap. Companies can overcome gender inequality by creating programs that facilitate female careers and personal balance for females, and it is this opportunity that [our company] seeks to provide to women so that there is an increased chance that they can have it…
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