The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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“Genetically modified organisms”, or more commonly known as GMOs, are “organisms that have been created through application of transgenic, gene-splicing techniques that are part of biotechnology.” ( GMOs entered the market about twenty years ago, and people are still in the dark about if the food we feed our families contain GMOs. “In 1992 the FDA’s policy statement defined “material” as the ability to be sensed by taste, smell, or other senses.” ( According to the FDA genetically modified foods are “substantially equivalent” to conventionally produced foods. So, because the FDA deemed them the same, no labeling was required. Twenty years later, the policy remains unchanged. Agriculture…show more content…
The corporation also claims that their products (GMOs included) are not only safe, but necessary to feed the world. Their company website states: “The overwhelming scientific evidence shows there are no significant differences between ‘organic’ and ‘conventional’ crops in terms of taste, nutrition and safety.” ( Monsanto could be considered a controversial corporation one could say, but they have several strong arguments on why the GMOs they produce are beneficial. Genetically modifying crops can produce crops that are more resistant to pests and diseases, reducing crop losses. With GMOs, crops can be altered to make them grow faster. This is beneficial in areas where growing seasons are shorter. Genes are being inserted into crops that give the plant an improved stress tolerance. What this means is that crops can survive in conditions they once couldn’t survive in before. Foods can also be engineered to taste better. This encourages people to eat healthy food that they may have once disliked. At this point, one might be thinking what all they’ve heard about GMOs might be false. Everything looks good on paper though. It isn’t very clear to customers what they are eating when they purchase GMO foods because there is no labeling. Vegans or Vegetarians could accidentally eat plant based foods that contain
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