The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs, is one of the major issues arising in our economy today. GMOs are distinctive organisms in which the genetic material has been altered to improve productivity and the quality of the product. Genetically modified organisms have prominent concerns over their apparent beneficial ways in that they’re resistant to disease, help the epidemic of famine, and improve the nutritional value of foods. Having certain foods in your everyday diet is very substantial in humans to be healthy, and to have the quality of life we deserve. It’s no secret in how GMOs have affected our products worldly. In order to bring this epidemic to a halt we fist have to come to an understanding on how dangerous these organisms can be. Genetically altered crops can lead to serious destruction of not only our environment, but also contaminate our organic crops. Also major companies who work with GMOs intend to monopolize market-foods. To prevent these Genetically Modified organisms, it should be labeled on their products, and so then people can be aware of the danger that comes with these products. To understand genetically modified organisms, you first have to understand how they are made. This helps you realize why they are so harmful to your body. These organisms are modified by using bacteria and viruses. With known information like this, scientific studies have a fear of the emergence of new diseases. Some GMO foods contain
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