The Issue Of Global Climate Change

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If the issue of global climate change is not addressed properly, it will create enormous economic challenges that will create huge price tags on the global economy; that is why we need to give much attention by proposing international policy because it will bolster cooperation between countries and international organizations by formulating policies for the general good of society. Climate change plays a key role in our day to day activities. The changes in climate will affect our movement, health, agriculture productivity, air quality and average temperatures. Furthermore, it is important for countries around the world to cooperate and to propose international policies aimed at protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of global climate change because increase cooperation will limit the impact by focusing on sustainable initiatives and provide plans that will cut greenhouse gas emission globally. For example, if countries around the world are not willing to cooperate, share information and signing international agreements, change in climate will devastate humanity and our entire planet. According to Evolution’s Edge, Taylor writes,
“Among the developed nations, the united States refused to sign the 1992 Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions”( Taylor ,2008,40). I believe that we as a society cannot continue on this path of not signing international agreements if we want to sincerely work with the international community to limit greenhouse gas
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