The Issue Of Global Warming

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The topic I selected was that of global warming. So far, I seem to want to change my thesis everyday; but this is how it stands for the moment. Americans need to work together as well as with other nations to take immediate action to reduce our environmental footprint in efforts to reverse or cease global warming. I feel this thesis clearly states my position, as well as the point of the paper. I still want to play around with the wording, especially at the end of it. I feel that global warming is a serious issue that should be addressed directly by not only the U.S. but by other nations as well. While there are several groups and movements dedicated to this cause not much has been done. This is why there continues to be groups, events and movements to try to bring attention to the issue. I feel the American government needs to step in to make everyone take the issue more seriously. I have selected the following points to be the main supporting points for my persuasive paper. A switch to cleaner energy sources should be made. Generating energy from the sources such as wind, solar and geothermal power are all viable options. This may seem extreme, but the damage that has already been done to our environment is also extreme.We should be taking considerable measures to lessen the damage we are doing to the environment we depend on for life. If the technology and ability is there why not use it? Making the switch would initially may seem like a hassle, but in the long run it

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