The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun Control Getting arrested yesterday was not the highlight of my week. I was hungry; so I went to Wal-Mart get some charcoal, lighter fluid, and steak. I put the charcoal in the grill and the lighter fluid on the coals. I got a little lighter fluid on my arm, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I lit the match and threw it on the coals. I looked down and my sleeve was on fire. I was waving my arm in the air, trying to put it out. Then here they come the police pulled in and tackled me to the ground and putting my sleeve out. The cuffed me and put me in the back of the cop car. They had charged me with waving a firearm in the air. This is a very humors joke about guns, but gun control is a very big topic occurring the in the United States. The people of the past were very conservative families. We had the right to own a firearm in America. The liberals of the world will do whatever it takes to make guns obsolete in our country. They are really pushing to ban handguns in America. They say that these firearms are to easily conceal. They say that they are too easily brought in close proximities to their families. Liberals state that thousands of citizens die from firearm related deaths every year. In forty-three states the right for firearm self defense is legal. These states believe that the right to bear arms holds true in America and people can protect themselves. National Safety Council states that accidental death by firearm is the lowest when it comes to accidental

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