The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a big topic for the past decade in the united states. These debates will rise and fall time in and time out after something horrific happens in the state. Anti-Gun supporters do not realize that it is extremely difficult to regulate something in the states that is a big portion of our economy.Would stricter gun laws change anything? So far statistically It has been proven otherwise one must consider how a citizen would defend themselves when they are faced with terror. How will they defend themselves if there are restrictions on guns? It seems that some states that have stricter gun laws are where the most shootings and also where more terrorists attack take place. It seems that gun control is only pushed when shootings gradually get worse and worse. But why are these anti gun groups not speaking up when police brutality happens or when a racial hate crime occurs? Anti-Gun groups do not look at the bigger picture and try to understand that it is more than guns. Gun control almost plays Zero role in murders and criminal activities. Essentially Gun control is an effort to restrict or limit the production, shipment and ownership of guns. But over the years these discussions are only brought up when tragedy strikes, while america does have the highest deaths per year this isn’t by gun it is by other events Guns are second for most deaths. It seems that there are more deaths by gun by cops with events from police brutality alone. Police brutality is at a

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