The Issue Of Gun Control

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Americans realize that the 10 Amendments produce the Bill of Rights which were made to prohibit government powers from infracturing the basic individual liberties; therefore, the changing of one of the Amendments would offset the basic individual liberties granted by the founding fathers. Countless U.S. news stations and support groups portray the mass shootings, gun violence, other gun propaganda, or naturally the use guns, as a scapegoat to support gun control. Guns do not harm people--people hurt people (And I have no doubt that this has been aforementioned extensively) however; the implementation of gun control in the U.S. will diminish the 2nd Amendment--the right to bare arms--as well as prevent the citizens the right to protect…show more content…
When the stats are taken accordingly, even countries with a 1:3 ratio of guns to citizens (such as Canada), experience the similar gun violence deaths according to Cooke. The world could be violent free if no harmful weapons, no mentally ill, the desire to be better than others, and if bountiful more reasons were removed--do not blame violence on guns without attributing the blame to the people. Background checks are what they sound like--they check your past history for any red flags such as criminal history, credit history, and employment history. When that happens, the flagged person may not receive the desired job, or in this case--the gun. Legions of gun control supporters postulate that having a stricter background check will help solve a majority of this gun violence issue (Cooke). Little do they know, having a strict background check does not limit the issue, but only prolongs the time of crime if anything. The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was “a licensed armed security guard and passed the required checks to buy his gun” according to Knox. Knox, a reporter for USA Today, believes that background checks are a filter allowing ordinary people to purchase guns while screening out those prohibited from possessing guns--the point of a background check--however; “straw sales” are oftentimes used in this case to bypass the check. Straw sales are where the intended buyer
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