The Issue Of Gun Control Laws

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By Second Amendment in the Constitution, the subjects have the benefit to have and remain fight prepared. Regardless, this has remained a basic issue since decades. There have been a lot of senseless murders and killings around the United States. With better gun control laws in effect these killings and murders would not have been possible. The government, the states, and the people all need to work together to come to a solution to prevent things like this in the future. Better gun control laws would mean less killings and murders happening around the world. Think of it like this, you at work and you get a call saying that there was a shooting at your family member’s job, or school, etc. With better gun control laws that call will never come. There needs to be an answer about the issues that the country is standing up to about gun control. If gun control laws were passed and the government were to take all guns away, that would be 300 plus million guns floating around the world. That would be very difficult to do for the government. “From the perspective of the British strict gun laws means no guns at all.” “After a couple of horrible mass shootings in Britain, handguns and automatic weapons have been effectively banned. It is possible to own shotguns, and rifles if you can demonstrate to the police that you have a good reason to own one, such as target shooting at a gun club, or deer stalking, say. The firearms-ownership rules are onerous, involving hours of
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