The Issue Of Gun Control

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“Over the past decade in America, more than 100,000 people have been killed as a result of gun violence. Millions more have been the victim of assaults, robberies, and other crimes involving a gun” (“"FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer"”). Gun Control is one of the main political issues that has been debated for years now; Guns have led to the mass increase of fatalities and deaths in the U.S. today, being a controversial issue for the past decade. From assassinations, to mass shootings, and homicides, every time guns and violence interact with each other the issue reemerges. As of today, the nation stands separate from the issue, taking a firm position on both sides, debating on what…show more content…
But those who do otherwise to stretch out their constitutional rights by constant mockery to policemen, going against the law using guns to create mass shootings, and mentally ill citizens that receive arms without background checks, don 't respect the constitution and are going against the law. Gun Control or the regulation of firearms, refers to the laws or policies that regulate the sale, possession, or use of firearms in order to control crime and reduce violence, without taking away the rights of citizens. In this case, it will be against the constitution if people’s rights were taken from them. As of law, citizens are allowed to carry weapons with a permit all law-abiding citizens can receive. But state law also states that citizens are completely prohibited carrying firearms for personal protection outside the home or place of business. Advocates of gun control want to enforce a barrier on all gun corporations by stricter gun laws having people meet requirements to receive a gun. By letting citizens purchase guns before corporations instructed policies on firearms, many people got away without having to receive a background check. In the following six months of 2001, 470,000 more people bought handguns and in 2002, at least 130,00 more background checks were conducted for concealed handgun permits than during the same six-month period a year earlier” (Lott 2). This many people who were not checked, having the access to deadly weapons were
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