The Issue Of Gun Control

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In the United States today there are many different policy issues that are associated with individual’s different hobbies and interests, and lots of these policy issues have some legal components to them. For me a policy issue that comes to mind would be Gun Control, because I am a gun owner who is a supporter of the second amendment. With shootings and other gun related trouble happening all over our country those who create and maintain our gun laws have a big responsibility to take care of. The policy issue of gun control has both people who support the right to bear arms, while there are others who think all guns should be done away with, and this dispute should be something people care about in a legal context. When gun control is brought up in conversation perhaps one of the first things that people talk about is the types of policy actors associated with this topic. First off there is the judicial branch of the federal government because many different cases of gun control issues are associated with laws at the state and federal level. On the state level there are things like certain states recognizing concealed handgun permits of other states, and others who don’t. On the federal level there are laws that have been passed such as the Gun Control Act of 1968 which focuses on prohibiting interstate commerce with firearms except with proper licensing (Congressional). Appeal courts come into play with gun control as well, and one of the most famous cases was the

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