The Issue Of Gun Control

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Few topics can generate more of a divided opinion than gun control. In reviewing the following case study, “Case 8.4: Have Gun, Will Travel…to Work”, several important questions will be discussed involving moral and legal rights of both the employee and the employer. This case involves the dilemma of a company’s rights to protect its employee’s verses an individual’s right to bear arms. In 2002 several employees were terminated for violating company policy by keeping guns in their vehicles while at work. Although at the time there was no state or federal law prohibiting the company from dismissing an employee for having a gun in their vehicle, this action by Weyerhaeuser, a Seattle-based timber-producing company set in motion a legal…show more content…
Prior to 2004, there was no federal or state law allowing an employee to have a gun in a privately owned parking lot against the owner’s wishes. Beginning with Oklahoma case, many other states have passed laws; nearly half of the states have recently enacted so-called “guns-at-work” laws. (Reed & Scardino, 2015) The argument for a gun in the car is that the individual has a right to defend themselves during the trip to and from work. Also, an individual has a right to have a gun in their car since the vehicle is the employees’ private property. So you have a moral right to have a gun and a moral right to keep that gun in your privately owned vehicle. From the business side, an employer has a duty to provide a reasonably safe working environment. This is an OSHA standard. OSHA rules regulate the workplace for health and safety. Employers who violate the OSHA, “general duty clause,” can be issued citations, fines, and penalties. Another critical concern is that the employer has a duty to provide a, “reasonably safe work environment”. (Reed & Scardino, 2015) So the traditional idea and policy that allowed employers the right to ban employees from bringing guns onto company property, even if stored in personal vehicles that are parked in a company owned lot has changed for many states. Currently, states are heartily siding with employees who

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