The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a major problem recently, in fact, in 1939 the Supreme Court ruled a case called “United States v. Miller.” This case states that the Second Amendment only protects guns suitable for a well-regulated militia. The Supreme Court has not had any other Second Amendment cases since 1939. However, the most recent ruling since 1939 was the Brady Bill, in 1994, which is a United States Federal law that requires a background check and five-day waiting period to determine whether the buyer of the handgun has committed a crime or no, but does not address the Second Amendment rights. Although, the Brady Bill period came to an end in November 1998. In 2008, the Supreme Court then ruled a case called, “District of Columbia v. Heller” confirming that the United States Constitution protects an individual 's right to keep and bear arms, but all handguns are required to be locked or disassembled when in homes. Two years later, Supreme Court ruled McDonald v. Chicago that states that local and state governments cannot prohibit handguns. Currently, gun dealers are required to use the national system to do a background check on all gun buyers, with an exception of antique guns. The system is setup to let the dealer know instantly if there is any reason the same cannot go through, which allows buyers to no longer having to wait to complete a purchase of a gun. However, over the past six years, there seems to be a drastic increase in conflicts dealing with gun control. In

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