The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a heated conversation in America the last few years. Many of the recent mass shootings and tragedies has been the cause of such debate. Some people argue for tighter, stricter gun control laws while others will argue for less strict laws. Personally, I believe that there are other issues in the United States that need to be regulated and watched more carefully than gun violence. There are other causes of death with higher death tolls than gun violence that is being ignored. The spotlight needed to be shined on these other causes of deaths and not gun violence. The US accounts for half of the guns in the entire world although the US only accounts for 5% of the world population ( Every…show more content…
If firearms are harder for good people then it will only unarm our citizens making them nearly defenseless to criminals. No matter how hard it is for a law abiding citizen to own a firearm legally, criminal’s will find a way legally or illegally to obtain a firearm. Arming the good citizens is the reason there are not more gun related deaths and crimes in the US. Certain drugs are illegal but yet millions of them are smuggled into the United States every day for criminals. If firearms are taken away from the good people the criminals will obtain firearms the same way they do illegal drugs which relates back the point of the good citizens being defenseless if gun control becomes tighter. One of the main reasons people wish to have tighter gun control is because people fear firearms. There is a popular saying that goes hand and hand with someone arguing gun control, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Now this may sound cliché but the saying is 100% accurate. A gun is merely a tool no different from a car or a spoon and fork. A firearm cannot operate unless the person wielding the firearm decides to use it. Blaming a tool for a crime or certain kind of evil is just plain irrational. The only blame that should happen is the blaming of the person who committed that crime. Even if gun control becomes stricter people will just find new
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