The Issue Of Gun Control

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Plaguing the nation, for quite sometime, has been the issue of gun control. Whether you are for gun control, or against it, almost everyone has an opinion on it. One organization, Moms Demand Action, has released a series of ads expressing their views on the issue. Released in April 2013, was a series of print ads entitled “Choose One,” in which a child is shown holding an assault weapon which is juxtaposed to another child holding an item that is banned in schools, but is not harmful. As stated above, the ads were released in April 2013, which was four months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. It is no doubt that these ads were created in response to the shooting due to the location and the theme of the ad. The specific ad that will be covered is the one that features a young girl holding an assault rifle, and the other girl holding a copy of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ The ad is meant to illustrate the absurdity of the lax laws regarding gun regulations. Moms Demand Action achieved their goal by presenting a thought-provoking and shocking ad. Moms Demand Action recognized the importance of stating who the ad is coming from. In the lower right hand corner of the ad, the organization name, “Moms Demand Action,” appears. By placing their name on the ad, it is attaching a sense of credibility to the image. This gives the audience the ability to connect the name to the ad, as well as delve into further research on the organization. However, the placement is not as…

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