The Issue Of Gun Politics

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In America, gun politics is definitely an issue that needs to be properly addressed and talked about due to the very controversial and tragic events that has taken place. One of the key issues that should be addressed are the federal laws in place for on guns and who can legally be able to obtain them; meaning, a thorough mental evaluation. Currently, the federal law primarily details how guns can be carried by any US citizen, permanent resident aliens, and non-immigrant aliens under the provision that guns will be used on hunting and sporting purposes approved by the law. As for manufacturers and distributors of guns in the United States, they are allowed to manufacture and distribute as long as they meet the requisites of the state, and as long as they are licensed manufacturers of firearms. The controversy regarding the regulation of guns in America is always a heated topic -- and as mentioned above, one of the main issues people have is the easy access in which people are able to purchase guns; this is an issue not experienced in many other developed countries. The history of gun control in the United States spans back since the colonial era of the Civil war, ever since guns were first used in the country. This history of gun regulation in America is not new, and many incidents concerning gun-related violence have sparked controversies about how the implementation of gun regulation in the country is something that needs to be addressed as an alarming issue (Kwon, Scott,
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