The Issue Of Gun Rights

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Nearly 10,150 people have died and 20,647 have been injured because of causes related to guns in 2015 so far. Furthermore there have been around 266 mass shootings in the United States. In consequence to all of these deaths and injuries caused by guns ,the topic of gun rights has slowly become one of the most popular and controversial topics in today 's society. The big problem is that the nation is split when it comes to opinions on gun rights. Some believe that it is a constitutional right to be able to bear guns in order to protect themselves and their loved ones . Others believe that citizens shouldn 't be able to carry weapons because it just leads to problems. Gun control is a huge issue in the United States and should be addressed promptly.
In the United States 11 states allow open carry without requiring any type of permit or license. 13 other states allow open carry but with restrictions. So in 24 states citizens are able to carry guns in public. It 's not surprising that over 20,000 deaths have come from a result from these relaxed gun laws. In contrast , in a country like Japan who has strict gun control laws , they’ve only have had 11 gun related deaths in 2008. Think about that , one of the supposed safest countries in the world has more than 10 times the amount of gun related deaths when compared to Japan.
In Japan you can legally own a gun but it 's nowhere near as easy to obtain a permit as it is in America. In order to be able to get a gun in Japan you…

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