The Issue Of Gun Safety

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Many tragedies that involve guns on school campuses make people worry. Parents often ponder the question, “Is my child safe?” The answer is never a guaranteed which causes parents to fret. Parents should stop worrying. They need to trust school officials will protect their child or children. School officials should feel free to open-carry. There should be trained individuals, whether it is a teacher or an administrator that are trained for gun incidents. Schools, who believe that an outside person should protect them, should hire a resource officer. Resource officers should be placed in every Elementary, Middle and High School over the continental United States. Colleges should look into having an officer in every building on their campuses. Metal detectors come next; they would catch potential threats before they intentionally hurt anyone. Lastly, for all of this to happen the number one step towards gun safety would be teaching about gun safety. Teaching students and staff members about gun safety would possibly lower the rate of gun violence in school. Gun safety in the school system should be promoted. School officials open-carrying possibly would make students feel safer. Ben Giles and Gary Grado, distinguished writers for the Arizona Capital Times, shared a nerve-wracking story in “To Shoot or…: A bill to Arm Teachers and Administrators could become Law in Arizona, Sparking New Gun Debate”. In the story they reported on how a child’s grandfather marched through the
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