The Issue Of Gun Violence

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Gun Violence is found not only in our country, but around the world. Mental illness is a great connection to this very horrible topic we find . Knowing and understanding the importance of gun violence can help to save a life and also influence our generation to come. Knowing the correct information because of laws and rights should influence consequences that can be avoided more easily. Most of the gun violence in 1997 through 2012 was found, “in Blacksburg, Virginia (Virginia Tech); Tuscan, Arizona; Aurora, Colorado; and most recently Newton, Connecticut, (News Media Framing of Serious Mental Illness and Gun Violence, pg. 406). ” Gun Violence brings us a great deal of deaths. “Given about 32,000 people in the U.S. are killed by guns annually, (Gun-Violence reduction must be treated like auto- safety movement, Vol.45).” That number is very scary when thinking about our topic. It has been a very serious issue that we can be found more in people that have mental illnesses that do not receive the proper care that they should have . One of the articles you can read states that, “Obama directed the CDC to conduct research on guns after 2012 massacre of students and school staff of Sandy House Elementary. (Gun-Violence reduction must be treated like auto-safety movement, Vol.45).” The importance and understanding of gun violence is something that we need to be more aware of. Gun violence is getting so bad that it is raising around the similar number of deaths that we

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