The Issue Of Gun Violence

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Imagine living in a carefree world, it’s impossible but with the criminal justice system enacting laws to forbid illegal activity, crime has lessened nationwide. Several categories of crime such as guns, drugs, and organized crimes spark major concern. Crime has existed since human conscience was active. Gun violence is the illegal use of a firearm. Drug crimes are executed by one whom obtains, produces, and allots illegal substances. Organized crimes have several components, one that involves firearms, drugs, and the exchange of human beings for self-gain. This professional crime threatens the tranquility within our society, defies our rights as a human, and weakens all social and economic classes nationwide. Thanks to state-established programs, an extensive amount of crimes, globally, are eliminated, resulting in fewer criminals among the community. Numerous policies were formed to prevent the distribution of firearms and criminal gun crimes such as homicide. The Organized Crime Convention provides states a certain plan to battle organized crime. Crime has marked our history, and unfortunately, it will continue in the future. The criminal justice system is society’s response towards any violation of cultural norms. Advanced forensic procedures, together with the amount of news given by the public allows an offender to be tracked down. New and improved forensic technology aids scientists and investigators to conclude their ongoing criminal investigation. The criminal…

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