The Issue Of Health Care Coverage

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With the presidential elections coming up, the issue of health care coverage will definitely be a hot issue for debate. The people behind the website called Barack Obama created a webpage specifically for detailing how President Barack Obama will be a better candidate for what happens to health care. There are three videos on the webpage that show people who have been affected by the president’s Affordable Care Act. In these videos aimed towards the voters of America, Barack Obama frames those who are in dire need for access to health care as situations that can happen to any American citizen, in order to gain more votes for President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. There is one thing that first must be clarified in this…show more content…
The act contained a clause that allows children to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until the age of twenty six. This video concerns mainly a niche audience of citizens who have children. To initially create a sense of fear in the audience, slander is used. At the beginning of the video Emily’s father, Jeff, states “When you graduate, most health insurance plans are gonna say, ‘Get your own.’” The key word here is “most.” That leaves room for possibly other insurance companies that do not act in that manner. The video assumes that the audience falls under this situation of losing health insurance when one graduates. However that may not be the case for everyone. By slandering the health insurance companies it makes it seem like they are the evil. It shows that people want health care, but health insurance companies do not want to give it to the people. However, the Affordable Care Act is shown as the opposite, it gives out more health insurance coverage, which is a good thing. This video defines a college graduate as someone that needs health care. Emily Schilichting, the college graduate, directly states “I’m a person under twenty-six that is gonna need that insurance when I graduate.” By stating this, it makes it as though all college graduates need health insurance. The video assumes that all people want access to health care and that health insurance is good. From this, it shows that the Affordable
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