The Issue Of Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare reform continues to be a topic of discussion among politicians, medical professionals, and many Americans who are struggling to pay for care in a system where costs are skyrocketing out of control. Consequently these costs are forcing many Americans to file bankruptcy due to the massive amount of medical debt that they owe, slowing our economy and reducing reimbursements for medical facilities (Khazan) The debate on how to fix health care continues, even after the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 to help begin our national journey to fix health care in America. Currently there is a divide between the two Democratic presidential nominees in regards to how we should fix our current system. Bernie Sanders is…show more content…
Many believe that healthcare in Canada is free when in fact if you look at it from a policy framework view it is not. The healthcare system in Canada is financed by government enforced tax rates that vary in costs depending on family size. income, and province location (Canadian Health Care). While the federal government creates standards for health care, provincial governments make decisions in regards to where hospitals should be located, how many physicians each location should have, and the services that they will provide (Canadian Health Care). Ultimately, if the United States moves to a single payer system, taxes will increase to pay for the program. The question that often is asked when discussing a single payer system is how much will my taxes increase and it this cost more than I am currently paying. This is most often where the debate begins. In 2013 the average tax dedicated to the healthcare program for a family of 4 in Canada was $11,320 (Esmail). For a family of three with two parents, the cost was approximately $10,989 (Esmail). This tax pays for all medical care and does not require additional payments for co-pays, deductibles, or out of pocket expenses (Canadian Health Care). For a family of 4 in America the cost of health care averages $22,030 with an employer paying $12,886 of that total cost and the remaining $9,144 being paid for by the employee (Esmail). This cost includes payroll
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