The Issue Of Homelessness : Homelessness

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Homelessness is a crucial issue that seems to go unnoticed because apparently there’s more important issue than homelessness. When thinking about homelessness what is the first image that appears in your head? Do you picture adults sleeping under bridges? Do you think of the people whose standing on side the bridge begging for money as the cars pass? Or do you think of the other people sitting in front of the store asking for money? Is that all you see when you imagine someone being homeless? Well, you’re not wrong but there is more to the homeless community than the people you see on the streets. It’s okay to be little informed on an issue that is so crucial to our society. You are not the only one whom isn’t informed about homelessness. No worries, because that 's why I am here. My essay is to inform the uninformed about the significance of homelessness. So today my job is to explain the real definition of homelessness, the history, and the people who are effected by homelessness.

Let’s begin with the true definition of homelessness. It’s very common for the average person to only consider a homeless person to be living on the street and begging. Which is fine but let’s not state the obvious when dealing with an issue of this importance. Let’s not just stretch the surface and dig deep into the actually meaning of homelessness.

Now, everyone has their own definition of homelessness but I believe this is the true definition of

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