The Issue Of Homosexual Athletes

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There 's a decent amount of homosexual athletes in the NFL alone Michael Sam has already spoken about it.“I am not the only gay person in the NFL,” Sam said Thursday.“I’m just saying there is a lot of us.."(Williams 3). Imagine how many are in every sport across the nation. There 's problems that come with being a homosecual athlete in the socitey nowadays. One of those struggles being the non acceptance into anything in the society nowadays is despondent. This is only one of the conflicts for some homosexual athletes. The other struggle is not being able to do what you love on the biggest stage. The problem doesn 't only relate to homosexual athletes, It can relate to anybody that hits a “brick wall” in life. Homosexual athletes have…show more content…
Burke didn’t go through. Moved around team to team. You’re probably getting the picture by now. Consequently, he didn’t explode in the MLB. It did all explode thus one day.“As Baker rounded the bases, Burke dashed out of the on­deck circle in his warm up jacket, right arm raised high. In photos, Baker leans backward, his own right arm crooked awkwardly up, as if he isn’t sure what’s coming. Then the two slapped their hands together.It was the first (documented) high five in history.."(Sarah Kaplan 15, 16 & 17). This was the beginning of the evolution of gay athletes coming out to the society. It also reached a huge milestone becuase Baker and Burke high-fived, which to some people is incredible because it never happened in general. What made it so special was that is was with a homosexual athlete. This topics only getting bigger too. It’s gradually building like a blueprint. First a foundation is needed. Then a build off it is next for example: NCAA Men’s basketball guard Derrick Gordon has recently came out and this report came with it that “Gordon thinks he won 't be alone as the only Division I openly gay college men 's basketball player for much longer.He also isn’t afraid to be the only one either."It won 't be surprising if there are more players coming out very soon," he said"(Gleeson 14). It affects tons of people in our society, for some of us of our loved ones. We all can relate to this subject. Because we’ve all experienced or are
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