The Issue Of Human Rights

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Human rights are inherent; they refer to the basic standards of treatment that all people should be entitled to. They are based on a fundamental belief that all human beings have inherent dignity and worth, allowing citizens to make their own decisions, thus promoting equal opportunities for all people to develop to their full potential . In order to ascertain as to whether or not civil procedure provides adequate protections of these rights within an Australian context, it is essential to first examine the current mechanisms in place in the absence of a Bill Of Rights, and to assess their overall effectiveness. The first question we need to address in relation to this topic is which rights should be protected and promoted in Australia. The overwhelming majority of our human rights framework has been provided under the Australian Constitution Act 1900, the common law, and other legislative bodies. With the common law subject to change at any time, and several of the rights afforded by international instruments not yet incorporated into Australian domestic law, it is evident that change is necessary if we are to eradicate institutionalized inequality, and provide the community with equal access to the law. Although common law protections have been strengthened by a piecemeal of laws protecting defined rights in particular circumstances (for example, through the establishment of The Anti-Discrimination Act 1975 ), and also via the adoption of certain standards that have been

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