The Issue Of Human Trafficking

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According to the UNDOC, human trafficking is the acquisition of people by illegal means such as force, fraud, deception, abduction or coercion for the purpose of exploiting them. This vice is one of the main international policy concerns of the 21st century that is spreading at an alarming rate. Often, human trafficking is confused with human migration and smuggling even though the three terms are completely different. Unlike human trafficking, human migration and smuggling involves migration/transportation of peoplewith their consent, and the main agenda for theirtransportation/migration is not based on exploitation. This research paper will explore the issue of human trafficking, look at its causes, effects, how it can be prevented and analyze its magnitude in a fewsample drawing countries. Despite the fact that human trafficking is one of the main issues facing the world currently, there is no reliable data that can be used to estimate the number of persons trafficked annually. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime, a body that is responsible for monitoring trafficking for the United Nations, explains that estimating the exact size of the human trafficking is a difficult task because the act is committed underground, and it often go misidentified or not identified at all. In addition, victims of human trafficking are often afraid to report cases of abduction to the authority because of the regular stern threats they get from the traffickers. However, various controversial…

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