The Issue Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Securing Our Borders Illegal immigration is an issue that plagues the border states and it must be controlled. What should be done with illegal immigrants has been a hotly contested issue in the news and also during the current election process. In “Obama’s Numbers April 2016 Update”, Brooks Jackson states that in 2014, 11.3 million illegal immigrants came into the US. The Democrats and Republicans debate on whether amnesty or mass deportation is the better alternative on what to do with these illegal immigrants. I personally believe that mass deportation is a more effective means of dealing with illegal immigration due to it being more cost effective than amnesty, removing potential criminals with ties to the cartels, and is unfair to people that have or wish to come into our country legally. The costs of amnesty is far too high to be a real solution to the illegal immigration issue. “The Immigration Bill’s ‘$6.3 Trillion Price Tag’”, Robert Farley states that the cost of amnesty ranges from $6.3 to $5.3 trillion over the next 50 years.That’s about $126 billion to $106 billion per year. In “Trumps Deportation Plan ‘Prohibitively Expensive”, Dolla Estevez states that Trump’s deportation plan would require the federal government to spend “roughly $400 billion to $600 billion to deport 11.3 million undocumented immigrants and prevent future unlawful entry into the U.S. over a 20 year time period,” (Estevez). This is a much easier pill to swallow, as it will only cost $30

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