The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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The issue of illegal immigration has become one of the most important issues of concern to the international community and the countries that represent a source of migrants as well as countries that receive them it is worth mentioning that there is a close link will appear in the coming days between the global financial crisis and the issue of illegal immigration; since that crisis will push millions of young people to the lists of unemployed to increase their number in developing countries, and then these young people will be looking for any way out for them no matter what cost them this way and one of the most important candidate solutions in front of them is immigration baptizing them desperate business opportunity seekers.
An illegal immigrant is defined as anyone who migrants to another country for a permanent residence without any form of identification and unfortunately there are some countries that have millions of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration danger threatens all countries rich and poor alike suffer developed countries who come to it by illegal means, which may cause a security and economic crises and poorer developing nations are also suffering as their young leaves and throwing themselves in the clutches of death. Children of Illegal Immigration could be argued that young people and children, they trade their lives to achieve dreams are many, the dream of success after failing a dream ailing health of the body, the youth did not find a way to live
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