The Issue Of Illegal Music Downloading

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The industry representatives put their heads together to solve the issue of illegal music downloading. How can we prevent people from illegal downloading? No one could clearly answer but meanwhile one of the people threw the question back. How can we lead people to pay for music instead of downloading illegally? The answer came quickly. This is the founding story of world’s largest music market, apple’s ‘iTunes’. If the leader is a person who throw question not order Steve Jobs method of question was different. When everyone devised to solve the problem he threw ‘creative’ questions. He emphasized that if the leader wants positive answers from employees then throw positive questions.

What is positive leadership? Leaders who focus on
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As an example of Goods of second intent is volunteering because of an external reason such as wanting to get praise from others and feeling guilty or getting pressure to do. “A focus on virtuousness and eudaemonism, or on the best of the human condition and that which human beings consider to be inherently good “(Cameron, 2003).

There are 3 ways of positive coaching introduced in the book, as Grant described coaching as “a collaborative solution-focused, result-orientated, and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of life experience and goal-attainment” (2003, p.253). First is, Solution focused cognitive behavioural coaching are present and future orientated. It is focused on achieving goals and finding the solution. Secondly, Positive psychology coaching which main purpose is to help improve people’s well-being. Lastly, Self determination theory coaching which is focused on needs based theory. As like all the plants needs nutrition to live psychologically human needs nutriments such as competency, people need to feel competent at some stage, autonomy, need sense of choice and relatedness, need positive relationships with someone (Spence & Oades, 2011). There’s two types of motivation, intrinsic motivation which is doing it for own sake and extrinsic motivation which
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