The Issue Of Immigration And Gay Rights

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Tiffany Thi-Kim Tran
Professor Murdock
Political Science 100
April 28, 2015

Two topics that are reoccurring in the U.S. as well as throughout the world is immigration and gay rights. Today, many immigration and gay rights issues have arisen in numerous cases and have had controversial sides and opinions

The issue of immigration has been a controversial topic between the Democratic and Republican parties. The idea of illegal immigrants having the choice to become a legal resident is a major distinction between the two parties.

In general, Democrats are seen to favor immigration to the United States. The Democratic party believes that there needs to be an immigration reform to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and require them to learn English, pay taxes, and get on the path to citizenship. They desire a system that will allocate visas to meet economic needs, enforce the law, and keep families together. The Department of Homeland Security prioritizes immigrants; for example, not letting a person with criminal background opposed to a young child who wants to come to the United States for education and work. A priority to the Democrats party is family reunification and therefore believe that immigration is not all "bad." Under the Obama administration, Democrats supported the process of legal immigration for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens. Along with this process, Democrats support the Dream Act, legislation that ensured young people, who…

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