The Issue Of Immigration Divide American Opinions

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Why does the issue of immigration divide American opinions when the United States is a country built by immigrants? The online encyclopedia defines immigration to the United States as "the permanent movement of foreigners to the United States." This online encyclopedia also states that immigration to the United States has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout American history." In order to establish an objective and well thought out the viewpoint on this very sensitive subject, I thought it would be best to discuss as many different viewpoints as possible. However, my research indicates that seems like everyone in the United States and abroad has his or her own stance. So I will…show more content…
No decision has been made on what will happen to the millions of illegal immigrants that currently reside in the United States, but I am sure that the heated debate will become more heated when presidential elections occur. I think this will be the ultimate driving factor for a decision on what will happen with the illegal immigration issue we are witnessing today. There are numerous reasons why people oppose immigration. Some have interracially motivated objectives. They simply reject immigrants because of racist notions. Another reason why people opposed both legal and illegal immigration because they believe that the population levels will increase severely, which will ultimately cause joblessness and an increase in famine and crime within the United States.(1) These reasons are more socioeconomically related. One could say the ultimate reason is due to fear of a negative impact at an individual level as well as a deteriorating environment. The numbers in my research do tend to support this argument, especially when you realize that, as it states in the Website, immigration boomed to a 57.4% increase in foreign-born population from 1990 to 2000 and that there are more than 7 million illegal alien workers with more than 11 million household members already inside the U.S. and another 700,000 to 750,000 predicted for each coming year. (1) Remember one key word in these past statements,
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