The Issue Of Immigration Reform

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Today, tThe visible number of unauthorized immigrants today in the US points to the fact that US immigration laws are outdated and inadequate to meet the 21st century needs of the nation in the 21st century. In American politics, Iimmigration reform has largely remained as a “valence” issue in American politics. Often, Tthe issue of immigration reform has often been overshadowed by other events from foreign wars, and national security threats to and the Great Recession that trickled down the in the US economy. Moreover, the hostile environment of partisan politics further impeded impedes comprehensive reform in the “broken” US immigration system. In the primetime address, President Obama expressed the dire need of Comprehensive…show more content…
In the past decade, Iincreasing levels of political polarization in the past decade and electoral competition undermined undermines the chances of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the US. The logical value of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) lies in combination ofcombing effective immigration enforcement and systematic immigration reform. Since Tthe ideological positions between of these two policies widely differ so, cross-party persuasion and compromise over policies are will be necessary components to enactfor Comprehensive Immigration Reform to succeed in the current political climate. These lessons can be drawn directly from the 113th Congress as As for the 113th Congress, the high levels of party polarization marked the persistence of policy stalemates during this period. [two factors accounted for Congressional gridlock over immigration reform: electoral interests and different institutional contexts of House and the Senate] The partisan balance of the Congress is determined by capturing “ebbs and flows of public preferences.” In order to achieve majority control, legislative parties often favor popular policies over good public policies. In the contexts of CIR, Hhuman rights groups and, business , /and labor union groups have favored immigration reforms in the contexts of CIR. However,But these
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