The Issue Of Insider Outsider

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In terms of the theoretical issues in qualitative research, the issue of insider-outsider has arisen as one of the debated topics for some recent scholars (e.g. Kanuha, 2000; Dwyer and Buckle, 2009). Historically, social researchers commonly agreed with the ‘separation of facts and values’ and the interdiction on employing values in assessing of truth permit research becoming objective (David and Sutton, 2004:17). Here an objective research refers to researcher objectively eliminate their own ‘gaze’ in the course or research. In this sense, researchers should be acted as an outsider who common attributes are shared by the research participants. Acknowledged by Fay (1996) that qualitative researchers as not being an insider during research are beneficial in term of assisting the understanding of the researched group, he further proposed that researchers as an outsider might be more sufficiently conceived the experience from the researched, might be more capable to recognise the broader perspective, and might be more obviously to view what is happening, since researchers as an insider are frequently intertwined with their own knowledge (Fay, 1996). Among the three chosen studies, Mandiuc (2014)’s study can be considered as an example of outsider researcher since she did not clearly explained whether she has any experiences of motherhood and/or on prostitution.

Yet, social researchers nowadays have increasingly deemed that the qualitative researchers should be an
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