The Issue Of International Privilege

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A societal concept has perpetuated itself within the parameters of the entirety of human civilization, exemplified by the luxuries and reverence of the people pertaining to the pinnacle of the social, or even, international ladder. In essence, this concept is known as privilege, a right accorded as a benefit or advantage, only to a peculiar group. An early representation is by the Greeks, whose society consists of several groups segregated by gender and status, with each following class afforded less benefits and wealth. Privilege extends even to the modern world, encompassing the controversy of racial privilege and gender inequality. One might deduce that privilege is only relevant to the subject of society, but because of its broad…show more content…
Can privilege be contrived from the hindrances of distinct countries, and if so how does it equate to self-contrived privileges? What categories of international privilege exist and how are these privileges categorized into them? What are the actual benefits of the American idealism? These questions prevalently revolve around the privileges of America. In comparison to other discrete countries, America possesses both society and governmental privileges in contrast to other countries. The absence of severe corruption, dearth of ethnic cleansing, and strong sense of community constitute American privilege.
Although the governmental status of America has been cast aspersions upon by the disputes of politicians’ corruption, the severity had never attained the state of complete calamity or malice, a seeming utopia in comparison to other countries. Conveyed in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, The Bean Trees, whose plot encapsulated is an aspiring Kentucky girl named Taylor, who was abruptly given a Native American child on a blind trip to Tucson, Arizona. In this town, she discovers new acquaintances of which she experienced both good and bad incidences, while concurrently trying to construct a proper upbringing for the child. In the chapter,”Ismene” Taylor converses with one of her acquaintances, Estevan, an illegal immigrant who escaped from Guatemala. He states the events of the kidnapping of his daughter for the defiance of the
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