The Issue Of League Of German Girls

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April 20th, 1930 There is so much talk about league of German girls . Think of it like a female version of the Hitler youth, but not as strict. It’s made and directed for girls. Every girl at school is talking about it. According to the group, girls finally get to be leaders . It does not appear as if there is anything bad that we would be doing in these groups. Others girls who are members say that the program is for our own good, for us to lead healthy lives and to even prepare for our careers, they even want us to just be happy girls . Well, apparently that is. But the agenda for it is just so demanding! so many excursions to attend, of these camping trips, hikes . Now the program is not compulsory, yet there is still this expectation…show more content…
He was telling me about how back at the academy, a boy was shunned by the others as he tried to denounce a fellow member . He was trying to do so over a minor problem, the boys not wanting to do a certain activity. According to Hans, denouncing another member was seen as taboo, that it was just it something you do . Though Hans feels that the other boy simply wanted to feel above everyone else . The ability to denounce people, made some individuals feel superior, as if they have so much power and that they have the ability to make others go through punishments . Then again, to some beings sent home was the worst punishment possible in the academy . Think about it, having so much influence over a set of people and denouncing someone gives one this feel of power. That they can do something so significant as ruining someone else’s life. After Hans caught me up on events, we decided to take a quick walk outside. As we were walking, not too far from our home we noticed a group of boys taunting another boy in the middle. As we got a little bit closer, we noticed that the boys were taunting the one in the center saying that he has a nose like a kettle pot . The boy in the center just stood there, whereas the others were still laughing while making faces and gestures at him. Before the boys noticed us, Hans and I decided to head back home, forgetting about the rest of our walk. October 13th, 1934 The girls again were
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