The Issue Of Legalization Of Drugs Essay

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For many people, the thought of making drugs easily accessible for consumption by the masses may be frightening. After all, we have drug laws in place because they have the potential to be harmful. It also may not be difficult to imagine that it could very well be subject to failure due to a numerous amount negative externalities that may occur. Our nation has been engaged in a war on drugs for several decades now. The effectiveness of this war, however, is a topic that has continuously been debated. Some argue that universal legalization of drugs, an alternative that has never been tried, may have a greater benefits when compared to the present state of the war on drugs. On the other hand, the opposition believes that legalization would only pave the way for a vast amount of crime and many wasted resources.

Drugs have a particularly interesting history within the United States. Many of the well-known and highly addictive narcotics of today like heroin, cocaine, and opium, were previously used in a variety of mundane ways. They were present in drinks and in health tonics/elixirs for treatment of an array of illnesses and as pain relief (“What is Cocaine?”, 2016). Perhaps the most consumed soft drink of all time, Coca Cola, derived its name from the coca plant – giving a glimpse into its cocaine containing past. However, it was not soon after, that drugs began to lose their credibility about their effectiveness in food and medicine. By the early 1900s, they were
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