The Issue Of Legalizing Abortion

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State your Ethical Position on the issue upfront, with its ethical motivation.
The argument surrounding abortion is a very topical issue in our society and dates way back to ancient days. The issue of legalizing abortion is a growing social concern as all life is sacred and valued. However, in recent years there have been two ethical arguments by the Supreme Court in legalizing abortion that of pro-life and pro-choice. Despite the legal acceptance of abortion in some countries, the matter remains an ethical concern (Jones & Chaloner, 2007).
With this is mind, the writer’s position is pro-life from a deontological perspective. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (2015), deontological emphasizes the relationship between “duty’ and morality of human actions. The term deontology derives from the Greek deon, “duty,” and logos, “science.” Thus, pro-life seek to advocate for the defenseless human being whose life is being unjustly taken away (Alcorn, 1994). Since all human life begins at conception the act of abortion can then be seen as murder because it is the act of taking someone’s life. Abortion is an infringement on human life. In retrospect no civil society would allow for someone to take the life of another; for that reason, abortion must be viewed as morally wrong.
Subsequently, the bible recognizes no crucial difference between the being in the womb and the being after birth. Hence, from conception and onwards, the individual is a person. Genesis…

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