The Issue Of Legalizing Gambling

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Casinos are all throughout the country, but are they a positive influence for our society? Our economy? There are people on all sides of this issue; some people have difficulty determining the reasons behind legalizing gambling in the first place. In a panel data analysis done by Doug Walker and John Jackson, gambling is legalized to offer other opportunities for states to increase revenue (Walker and Jackson 1). This explains why legalizing gambling is important to state governments, saying states need different revenue options and that gambling would help with an increase in revenue for the states.
Other people on this issue wonder if casinos can be consistently relied upon for state revenue. According to Forbes, the casino industry in Las Vegas has been decreasing because of the recession from 2007-2009. Outside of the United States, the industry has increased over the past few years (Forbes). This indicates that the casino business isn’t as big as it was before the recession. This has big implications on state revenues and budgeting. Global Gaming Business Magazine is along those lines, saying two casinos in Atlantic City are empty; not enough supply of casinos for the demand (Global Gaming Business Magazine). The recession has made significant impacts on the industry and the industry can’t keep up. And states need to be aware of these issues so they don’t make the same mistakes as Atlantic City. While they increased economic development, Atlantic City did
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