The Issue Of Male Domination And Female Discrimination

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The issue of male domination and female discrimination has been deeply rooted in the Canadian society from centuries. The mandatory minimum charging policy emerged as the promising step from the criminal justice system to restrict the rate of offenses in Canada. However, it clearly failed in projecting the fruitful results and strong criminal justice response to abusive men. The no drop policy, more number of female arrests, disempowerment, lack of access to reach the resources and inefficient policing strategies have been the main reasons of females’ disadvantageous position and their consistent suppression. There police officers are not seen favoring the mandatory minimum charging policy since they fear that their discretionary powers might get weakened. The police academy has been very diligent in educating its officers against the domestic violence. Yet the police officers consider that violence against women is restricted into a personal or private space and comes under a family or domestic ground; not a criminal offence. In addition, few police also believe that the victim should also be held at least partly guilty for the crime. The purpose of this paper is to explore the historical role of criminal justice system in perpetuating patriarchy, reproducing sexism and normalizing male violence. This paper argues that the patriarchal criminal justice system reproduces the oppression and re-victimization of abused women through mandatory minimum charging policies. This
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