The Issue Of Managing Organizational Change

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The issue of managing organizational change is important within management theory and practice. A number of cases have shown that attempts to 'manage ' organizational change had frequently failed. Therefore the objective of this paper is to find why does the failure almost occur in an organisation? Additionally, this papers objective is to provide discussion and find reply on the following questions:
1) Which specific aspects of change are currently impacting most on practicing managers?
2) How do they react to change?
3) How are they dealing with them?
4) And how successful are their attempts?
5) How do the problems identified and solutions described, relate to the theory and research on organizational change?
6) What kind of organizations are the most adopted to changes? The findings suggest that most companies’ operational strategies and structures reflect business realities based on previous researches. However, it is noted that leadership and management skills, such as visioning, prioritizing, planning, organising, providing feedback and financial incentives, rewarding success, are key factors in any successful change initiative.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a business management system that comprises set of rules and regulation, which should be used, for the successful
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