The Issue Of Mandatory School Uniforms

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The issue of mandatory school uniforms is one that has gained a lot of traction in the recent years. As you could imagine proponents of school uniforms will say that it increases graduation rates and decreases school violence. Opponents of it will say that it restricts freedom of expression, and is way to further restrict students’ rights. In a world where we are continually being restricted on our rights the positives of mandatory uniforms does not outweigh the negatives, because restricted kids’ minds at such a young age is a dangerous precedent. No one will debate that students should not be able to wear whatever they want. They should not be able to wear shirts that have racist or sexist text on them, or images that portray violence or anything like that, but students should be able to express themselves through how they dress. Proponents of school uniforms say that it lowers victimization and increase student safety. They say this is done a few ways; one by separating students from strangers and also by lowering gang activity. They also say it increases student achievement and lowered behavioral problems, they also say it increases self-esteem and esprit de corp among the students (Rockquemore). Opponents of mandatory school uniforms say it infringes on a student’s right to express themselves. Opponents also state that these uniform rules are mostly being used in inner city schools, were buying mandatory uniforms can cause a financial burden. Finally they state that

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